If you are on the job or simply working in your garage then it is the basic need of every welder to protect his eyes from any serious damage. It is a fact that spending more on a welding helmet will be a great investment because it will provide you many benefits such as your comfort level during work will be improved. In this way, you will be able to enhance your welding ability and your safety will also be ensured.

Welding Helmets for Automotive Work
It is a very daunting task to select a welding helmet because more of the people are new in this field and they don’t know the national safety standards and also the latest technology that is being introduced to make these helmets in present time. It is known as auto-darkening lens technology which is latest to ensure your safety during automotive work. In this article, we are telling you some important points to consider before buying the welding helmets for automotive work. Let’s check out these points.

The Helmet with Standard Glass or Auto-Darkening Lens

It is the first thing to choose the right type of lens for you. The helmets with the standard lens are very common these days but these helmets will just provide you basic protection at a very reasonable price that can be between USD 30 – USD 45.
Auto-darkening welding helmets are latest and they can solve all of your problems. They have a lens that has electronic filtration and it is also possible to adjust them as per your need during welding to make you more comfortable. It also has many light sensors that are present near the lens to detect the welding arc. They can provide you protection from UV rays as well.

Weight of the Helmet

If you will choose a welding helmet that is light in weight then it will reduce strain on your neck and you will be able to work for more time without feeling fatigue. It will make a lot of difference if you work wearing a helmet that has weight 1 lb and the other which is 2 lbs in weight. The helmet with the grater weight will definitely cause discomfort after a few minutes of work.

It must be According to National Safety Standards

The National safety standards require that the manufacturers that make welding helmets must validate their specifications according to the rules set by national safety standards. These specifications are the switching of light, darkness shade testing, and many more specifications. These helmets bust provide 100% safety from UV and IR rays. They must provide the extreme switching of light and darkening shades in extreme temperature.

Some Quick Points

  • There are a lot of helmets in the market that is not fulfilling the present safety standards.
  • Back in 1989, there were no temperature test guidelines and it is also true that there is no law that can prevent the manufacturers from selling the welding helmets that are according to the old safety helmets.

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