Having a robot that trades and makes money for you certainly is a compelling idea, but it is also very unreal.

It is true that the majority of people who discover binary options, does it through a promise of a sure income. There are tons of binary options robots out there that promise to make you money for free.

Let’s take the example of The Infinity App. It was developed by a guy who pretends to by a former NASA employee. This trading system is supposed to make thousands of dollars per day, but it won’t.

The truth is that it cannot trade profitably. It is based on a software that generates trading signals more or less randomly, there is no real strategy behind it. So it will end by taking your money and losing it in trading.

And this is how the vast majority of binary options robot works, The Infinity App is not an isolated case. So when you run into an automated trading system, you can almost be sure that it doesn’t work as described.

Don’t trade binary options with a robot

But what is the real purpose of these robots? Well, they make money, but not to traders. They earn money to their owners, because they promote some brokers for money. These robots are in fact promotion tools, not real trading tools.

This problem is exacerbated by fake reviews that support these robots and create a positive public image. You will find a lot of review websites and forums that will claim that some of these robots work and make money.

But all these reviews are created by the same people who run these systems, or their partners. There is a huge network made to make you believe that you can get a free robot that will make you rich. But it of course is a total nonsense.

The best thing you can do for yourself when you are interested in binary options, is to start learning and trading by yourself. It is only logical that nobody will make money for you for free, so you have to put in effort, time and patience.

This way you can build a profitable strategy that will be yours. You will understand it, you will be able to trade it easily and improve it if necessary. This is the real way of real traders. It is not an easy path, but then again, what path to success is really easy?

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