It is common sense to expect that everyone in this world will face a bad financial situation at some point in their lives. When such situations occur, having the option to sell precious metal items such as gold jewellery can help to overcome short term financial problems. Any form of gold item is literally worth its weight, and can often be sold immediately for cash, however don’t be too quick to rush into this, there are some things you need to know.

selling gold jewellery

There are hundreds of gold buyers out there in the marketplace worldwide, with the primary aim to get you to sell gold jewellery to them, people in need of urgent money often sell quickly without question, and the majority of them are ripped off in the process. Before dealing with a gold company, ensure you get some facts about them first.

Factors to consider when choosing the right gold buying companies

If you are in need of selling gold jewellery for urgent cash requirements, you need to concentrate on finding the most reputable company. Below are the most important factors when dealing with a gold buying company.

  • Always prefer the gold stores – Trying the gold stores should be your initial preference for selling your gold jewels. This is because that it is the right destination to make your jewels valued.
  • Always preference stores who’s sole purpose is to buy and sell gold: This ensures their business is more competitive in the marketplace and often provides you with a better price for your gold.
  • Avoid general pawn shops – General pawn shops are used to dealing with second hand goods, and although gold is also a second hand good, its value is from the gold value itself, hence the price paid should be based on a pre determined amount compared to the gold value. Often pawn shops offer a much lower rate for gold items, usually as low as 30% and are often considered a rip off in comparison to actual dedicated gold companies.
  • Ignore excuses from gold buyers: If your price offered is too low, walk away. Many companies will try and rip you off at first, know the value of your item and be ready to walk away if you are offered less than 90% its actual value.
  • Get a quote on the gold yourself: Check the world gold price before you sell and determine the purity of your item via searching online, these details are available easily at a number of gold websites, ensure you know how much your gold items are worth before going to sell your gold, otherwise it is highly likely you will not get the best price.

Concentrate on the above facts and selling gold will get you the best possible payment rates. Today we are lucky that with the internet, gold companies are able to offer live prices on their websites, so you can check these before visiting and get an idea of what you will be offered.

Don’t leave this to trust however, ensure the price advertised on their website is what you are paid when you visit, many companies can still lie using this method and use fake prices to entrap you, these companies if you encounter them, should be reported, either by leaving a bad review on websites, or in extreme cases to the government competition control company in your region.

So before you go to sell gold jewellery, remember the following.

  • Value each item yourself before leaving
  • Obtain quotes by visiting gold buyers websites and comparing their advertised prices
  • Walk away from dodgy dealers who advertise fake prices on their websites, only deal with reputable trustworthy companies.

By following these methods, you will be able to sell gold jewellery at the best price and using the most effective process.

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