If your car is more than three years old, then every year it would have to pass an MOT test. This test was introduced in the year 1960 by Ministry of Transport. This test is conducted to check that the vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Now they also have to meet the emission standards. There is a specific amount of fees charged for this test and it is possible to find a cheaper price if you shop.

MOT check with Flying Colours car

Garages would offer you discount if you get your car serviced from them. All you have to do is to look out for blue “three triangles” logo. Before you take your vehicle for its annual MOT test, it is recommended that you carry out various quick and easy visual checks so that you car has the best chance of passing test. It would save a lot of your time as well as money.

Help your car pass its next MOT

You will be surprised to know that around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT because of many simple things like faulty bulbs, or even empty windscreen washer fluids. It is possible to check all such kinds of issues with a quick and simple check of your car. All it takes is a “Minute Or Two”!

Help your car pass its next MOT

If there are some faults in your car that you are not able to rectify, then you can contact your main dealer in advance. This is done so that they complete all the required work before the test is carried out. If all the problems are identified well in advance before the MOT test, then there are more chances that your car would pass its MOT test in the very first time.

What all is involved in a MOT?

  1. Headlights and Indicators

Properly check that all your car lights are functioning properly or not. It includes car headlights, sidelights, hazard lights and even indicators.

  1. Brake Lights

Press the brake pedal of your car and ask one of your friends to check that the rear brake light comes on. You can also reverse up the reflective surface like the window or the garage door and also look behind to see for yourself.

Brake Lights

  1. Number Plate

Keep this thing in mind that your number plate should be clean and legible. Simply just wiping it with a cloth would make a lot of difference. Its font as well as the spacing of letters should also comply with legal requirements which are passed by the MOT station.

  1. Wheels and tyres

Check if any or your car wheels is damaged. The minimum tyre depth is 1.6mm and if the tyres are less than this then they would be marked as an MOT fail. If you have a doubt about how much tread is left on your car tyre, then you can contact the main dealer and he will check it out for you. The dealer would figure out each and everything and would also give you the correct advice on the type of tyre that is right for your car if any sort of replacement is required.

Wheels and tyres

  1. Seats and seatbelts

The driver’s seat should adjust forward as well as backwards. Even the seat belts should be in good working condition. You should test the movement of the seat. Check if the seatbelts react as they are supposed to as they save your life in a crash.

  1. Windscreen

Check the front view of your car if there is any damage or not as if the damaged is larger than 40mm then it would cause a “fail”.

  1. Windscreen Wipers

Check that your car wipers have any tears or holes in them or not or else it can be a MOT fail.

  1. Horn

Try giving a short blast of the horn and if it doesn’t work well, then ask your dealer to repair or replace it.


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