You must have come across numerous terms like kilowatts, automatic gearboxes and all wheel drive when you visit places searching for a new or a used car. All of these words are related to car’s powertrain and you must know what all this stuff actually does.

Parts Avatar is here to tell you what is a Powertrain or Drivetrain

We hope that you never have to see your car totally upside down. But if you get a chance to look at your vehicle once it is flipped over, then you will surely appreciate it. You must know the basics as to how a car is put together.


Let us understand this with the help of an example. If the chassis is the overall skeleton of your car, then the powertrain is its musculature system. Every component which converts the engine’s power into the movement is encompassed by the powertrain. It includes car engine, transmission and many more.


The group of components which drive the wheels are called as drivetrain. All the small bits which lie in between the engine and the wheels, that would assist the drive, make up the drivetrain.

The engine’s power is sent to the wheels in many different ways, and that’s why there are different drivetrains for front, rear and all wheel drive.


The gearbox and the clutch are the transmission which transfers as well as converts power from the engine to the rotational force for the wheels.

The turning engine can be engaged or disconnected with the help of car clutch when they are shifted up or down.  In the absence of a clutch, your car gear would have been locked up. The best way to optimise your engine power while ignoring the speed with which you are travelling is with the help of car gear. If you will drive in first or second gear, that is the low gear, then more force would  be produced at lower speed and it would get you off the line and if you will go with high gear, then it would produce less force at higher speeds to keep you rolling along rapidly.

Generally there are four types of transmissions. The one which is original and the simplest of all is the manual, which is named as it requires manual selection of the gears and at the same time operating clutch by the driver’s left foot.

To provide the drive with the relief of the manual selection of the gears, a conventional automatic transmission used which comprises of a complex set of gears which are controlled by the car’s computer. There is no conventional clutch in the automatic transmissions. The device which performs this function is a torque convertor. A pulley system is employed in the Continuously Variable Transmission which would control your car’s computer.

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