Every man should be aware as to how to jump start a dead car battery. You never know that at what point you need this knowledge to aid a person who is trapped in such a situation or help yourself to get out the jam. Giving a jump start to a dead battery is really simple and you will be surprised to know that you have no idea how to do it. If you have earlier learned how to jumpstart a car, then it can be really easy to forget that what cable would go where.

Everything you need to know about Car Battery

Now you won’t feel like an idiot if someone asks you to jumpstart their car.

How to tell if your battery is DEAD?

Before you try to jump start your car, you must check the car battery to determine that is it the reason why your car isn’t starting properly. If you turn the ignition and hear that your car engine is cranking, then there is no problem with car battery and jump starting it won’t do anything. But on the other side, if you turn the car key on and there is no movement in the car, then it means that you have a dead battery and now you have the chance to jump start it so that you can once again get back on the road.

How to tell if your battery is DEAD if your battery is DEAD

Choosing the Right Jumper Cables

You don’t need a lot of tools to jump start your car battery. To start the process of jump start, you must go and find a car which is functioning properly. Make sure that the owners of both the cars are comfortable in opening the car hood and identifying the car battery and battery terminals. The most popular tool which is used to jumpstart a car is the jumper cables which are totally inexpensive and easy to store. The jumper cables vary in length, ranging from 10-20 feet. Some of the people have thinking that the longer the cable, the better it is because then you will not have to move the car with a dead battery. Now we know that the longer cables provide convenience, but on the other hand they may also lose power as the energy will have to travel more. The strength of the cables is denoted by the gauge. The lower is the gauge; the thicker and stronger are the cables.

Safety Precautions

Before you start performing any basic maintenance on your car, you must consider all the safety risks. Keep this thing in mind that there is no small child around you while you are trying to jump start a dead car battery. Take some time to look at your car’s manual. It varies from vehicle to vehicle and some vehicles require some extra steps in order to achieve a successful jump. If you are unsure regarding anything, then you can always contact a local mechanic who will help you out in such a situation. If you know that your car would surely permit a jump, and then be careful from dangerous electric shocks. When you are handling the jumper cables, be aware that their function is to transmit electrical current from one car to another. Sometimes the sparks may go flying into the air, so to prevent yourself you must wear a pair of protective glasses.

Safety Precautions

To Jump Start your car with cables, Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that both the cars are turned off properly.
  2. Connect one end of the red jumper cable to the positive terminal on the stalled battery.
  3. Now you have to connect the other red cable with the positive terminal of the good battery.
  4. Then connect one end of the black jumper cable, which is negative to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  5. The other black (negative) cable is then connected to a clean, unpainted metal surface under the disabled car’s hood.
  6. Now start the car which is doing the jumping and then run it for 2 to 3 minutes before you start the car which was dead.
  7. Very carefully remove the cables in reverse order.
  8. Keeps the jumped car running for around half an hour so that the battery gets sufficient time to recharge.

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