As technology continues to progress, social expectations and culture progress right alongside it. These days, everyone has an internet capable device that’s small enough to carry with them. Maybe it’s a smartphone. Maybe it’s a tablet. It’s even possible that you have a netbook, a laptop computer small enough to carry in a purse or backpack.

Child Social Media Account

For adults, this world is strange and scary. If you’re older than 25, you still remember a world where not everyone had internet access. You remember a world before Facebook. You remember how it used to be when people had privacy. Your children, on the other hand, haven’t. Familiarity breeds contempt, and so children often don’t realize how much damage they can do to their lives by being irresponsible with these websites.

But is that really true? Should your child have a social media account, or not?

Social Progress and Generational Shifts

The first thing to understand is that there’s absolutely no merit to the idea that the younger generation is somehow “killing our culture”. The simple truth is that every single generation of humans have believed the generation coming after them was somehow degenerate and making the world worse. This is human nature. “Millennials” aren’t killing business, or privacy, or culture, or anything else for that matter.

They’re simply changing it. Some of these changes may be for the worse compared to what you prefer, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for them. They’re going to inherit the reigns of power, and it’s important to allow them to change social culture to suit them the way your generation has and does for you.

Social Media, Privacy, and the Modern World

As of right now, public life pays attention to what gets posted on social media. If someone posts a picture of themselves doing something questionable, a future job might find out and fire them. People’s lives can be ruined by others posting a picture of them doing something embarrassing.

Yet more and more these days, people are ignoring those things. Everyone has become so comfortable with the idea of everything being recorded that they shrug and move on. They don’t even consider finding potentially incriminating stuff online, because everyone has incriminating stuff online.

Should Your Child Have a Social Media Account?

So, this all brings us back to the main question. Should your child have a social media account? Of course, they should. If you’re not connected via social media, you’re essentially cutting off a huge amount of social interaction. As we move towards the future, we move towards a world where privacy is a courtesy rather than a social necessity.

This doesn’t mean social media is completely safe. It’s reasonable to protect your child. So simply ensure the computer is in a public area and that you have access to their accounts. They’ll be upset, but as long as your up front about the rules then their privacy has been respected. It’s a good way to teach them about the social balance!

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