Are you looking for a fuel efficient SUV?? Check out our best picks that give a decent mileage!!

PartsAvatar Toyota auto parts

If you are searching for SUV with decent mileage, you’ve come to the right place!!Here’s a closer look at some of the fuel efficient SUVs that don’t compromise on space or power.-PartsAvatar Toyota auto parts.

PartsAvatar Toyota auto parts

Until a few years ago, SUVs were only related to vehicles with more height as compared to standard cars, besides a powerful engine. But today, this concept has been modified with the introduction of luxurious facilities and features in high powered SUVs.

The bottom line is- we all love to own SUV! But what about our budget?? With the spike in gas price and staggering economy, we are now in need of an SUV which is best of both worlds. Take a look at some of the SUVs that can save a lot of your cash that you spend on gas.

Please note that the Prices may vary according to model, locations, offers and different other factors. Important specs and price should be checked before making any purchase.

Ford Escape

With athletic looks and a quiet interior, the Escape distinguishes itself of the crowd of small crossovers. In USA, this SUV is considered as most economical in terms of fuel consumption.

The base engine is 168 HP four cylinders, but we recommend the 179 HP turbo four or the 245 HP turbo four. Ford has made it a point to reduce as much as weight as possible from this model contributing to the hybrid technology.

You can buy Escape with the starting price tag of $30000; offering a 2.5 litre Atkinson cycles I-4 Engine, permanent magnet electric motor and 177 HP. Its other features include traction control, tire pressure monitor and electronic stability control.

Mileage- city: 31 MPG

Highway: 34 MPG

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel

This SUV from Jeep includes Pentastar 3.6L V-6 295 HP engine, 8 speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4 wheel anti lock brakes, integrated navigation system, side seat mounted air bags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, automatic air conditioning,20” aluminum wheels, cruise control, distance pacing, ABS traction control.

You will have to pay around $50000 for the Cherokee.

Mileage- city: 21 MPG

Highway: 28 MPG

Subaru Forester

The forester is a genuinely useful crossover with room, a view and most important utility. A 170 hp 2.5 litre flat four is standard, with a six-speed manual or continuously variable automatic transmission, XT models get a zipper 250 HP 2.0 Litre turbo flat four and a CVT.

Other interesting features include electronic brake distribution and traction control, brake assist system, ventilated four wheel disc brake and lane departure warning.

The base model starts at around $24000.

Mileage- city: 24 MPG

Highway: 28 MPG

Honda CR-V

Through October 2016, the compact crossover accounted for almost one quarter of Honda’s annual volume in North America. The Honda CR-V comes with 2.4 Litre inline-4 engine with output of 184 HP and 180 Lb-ft.

Honda has added some of the luxe features as Honda sensing suite for safety countermeasures on EX and higher trims, some shoulder to styling and altogether more serious and imposing face.

Additionally it includes stability and traction control, 5 speed auto transmission, electronic brake distribution. The starting price is around $20000.

Mileage-City: 24 MPG

Highway: 30 MPG

Chevrolet Equinox LT

As they say, style and function come together in the all new equinox. In other words it’s a complete package of style, comfort and safety. Its restyled interior is spacious enough to accommodate you, your passengers and just about anything you need to bring along.

Equinox offers ten advanced safety technologies like side blind zone alert, muting the audio until front seats are buckled, forward collision alert and low speed forward automatic braking to help detect and prevent potential hazards on the road. With its safety alert seats, you have the option of directional seat bottom vibrations instead of audible safety alerts.

It includes ECOTEC 2.4 L I-4 182 HP engine, 6 speed automatic transmission and overdrive and 17” aluminum wheels as standard features. Its starting price is about $26750.

Mileage- city: 20 MPG

Highway: 28 MPG

Porsche Cayenne base

Now, many of you must be thinking “what Porsche??”. Well, its cayenne model is a spicy hot mixture of luxury, off road ability and sports car performance.

The base includes 3.6L V-6 300 HP engine, 8- speed automatic transmission and overdrive, 4wheel anti lock brakes, cruise control, automatic air conditioning and driveline traction control.

A leather lined cabin and infotainment with navigation make it a comfortable road tripper. The cayenne is easy to hustle around curves and equally ready for family duty.

Its starting price is $79750, pretty much high!

Mileage- city: 21 MPG

Highway: 28 MPG

Audi Q7 2.0 T premium

Audi Q7 2.0 T premium

The Audi Q7 comes with 2.0L I-4 Engine 252@5000 rpm horsepower engine, ABS and driveline traction control, 18” silver aluminum wheels, parktronic parking assist, driver lumbar support, Sirius XM/AM/FM/HD/Satellite, airbag occupancy sensor, cruise control and Quattro all wheel drive.

The base price of Audi Q7 2.0 is around $49000.

Mileage- city: 20 MPG

Highway: 25 MPG

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Parts Avatar is here to tell you what is a Powertrain or Drivetrain

Parts Avatar is here to tell you what is a Powertrain or Drivetrain

You must have come across numerous terms like kilowatts, automatic gearboxes and all wheel drive when you visit places searching for a new or a used car. All of these words are related to car’s powertrain and you must know what all this stuff actually does.

Parts Avatar is here to tell you what is a Powertrain or Drivetrain

We hope that you never have to see your car totally upside down. But if you get a chance to look at your vehicle once it is flipped over, then you will surely appreciate it. You must know the basics as to how a car is put together.


Let us understand this with the help of an example. If the chassis is the overall skeleton of your car, then the powertrain is its musculature system. Every component which converts the engine’s power into the movement is encompassed by the powertrain. It includes car engine, transmission and many more.


The group of components which drive the wheels are called as drivetrain. All the small bits which lie in between the engine and the wheels, that would assist the drive, make up the drivetrain.

The engine’s power is sent to the wheels in many different ways, and that’s why there are different drivetrains for front, rear and all wheel drive.


The gearbox and the clutch are the transmission which transfers as well as converts power from the engine to the rotational force for the wheels.

The turning engine can be engaged or disconnected with the help of car clutch when they are shifted up or down.  In the absence of a clutch, your car gear would have been locked up. The best way to optimise your engine power while ignoring the speed with which you are travelling is with the help of car gear. If you will drive in first or second gear, that is the low gear, then more force would  be produced at lower speed and it would get you off the line and if you will go with high gear, then it would produce less force at higher speeds to keep you rolling along rapidly.

Generally there are four types of transmissions. The one which is original and the simplest of all is the manual, which is named as it requires manual selection of the gears and at the same time operating clutch by the driver’s left foot.

To provide the drive with the relief of the manual selection of the gears, a conventional automatic transmission used which comprises of a complex set of gears which are controlled by the car’s computer. There is no conventional clutch in the automatic transmissions. The device which performs this function is a torque convertor. A pulley system is employed in the Continuously Variable Transmission which would control your car’s computer.

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Welding Helmets for Automotive Work – Things to Consider before Buying

Welding Helmets for Automotive Work

If you are on the job or simply working in your garage then it is the basic need of every welder to protect his eyes from any serious damage. It is a fact that spending more on a welding helmet will be a great investment because it will provide you many benefits such as your comfort level during work will be improved. In this way, you will be able to enhance your welding ability and your safety will also be ensured.

Welding Helmets for Automotive Work
It is a very daunting task to select a welding helmet because more of the people are new in this field and they don’t know the national safety standards and also the latest technology that is being introduced to make these helmets in present time. It is known as auto-darkening lens technology which is latest to ensure your safety during automotive work. In this article, we are telling you some important points to consider before buying the welding helmets for automotive work. Let’s check out these points.

The Helmet with Standard Glass or Auto-Darkening Lens

It is the first thing to choose the right type of lens for you. The helmets with the standard lens are very common these days but these helmets will just provide you basic protection at a very reasonable price that can be between USD 30 – USD 45.
Auto-darkening welding helmets are latest and they can solve all of your problems. They have a lens that has electronic filtration and it is also possible to adjust them as per your need during welding to make you more comfortable. It also has many light sensors that are present near the lens to detect the welding arc. They can provide you protection from UV rays as well.

Weight of the Helmet

If you will choose a welding helmet that is light in weight then it will reduce strain on your neck and you will be able to work for more time without feeling fatigue. It will make a lot of difference if you work wearing a helmet that has weight 1 lb and the other which is 2 lbs in weight. The helmet with the grater weight will definitely cause discomfort after a few minutes of work.

It must be According to National Safety Standards

The National safety standards require that the manufacturers that make welding helmets must validate their specifications according to the rules set by national safety standards. These specifications are the switching of light, darkness shade testing, and many more specifications. These helmets bust provide 100% safety from UV and IR rays. They must provide the extreme switching of light and darkening shades in extreme temperature.

Some Quick Points

  • There are a lot of helmets in the market that is not fulfilling the present safety standards.
  • Back in 1989, there were no temperature test guidelines and it is also true that there is no law that can prevent the manufacturers from selling the welding helmets that are according to the old safety helmets.
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Check out the symptoms of Auto transmission trouble and replace car parts online

Check out the symptoms of Auto transmission trouble and replace car parts online

Major issues are bound to arise if your car’s transmission isn’t well maintained! Check out the warning signs-Brought to you by PartsAvatar online auto body parts!

Check out the symptoms of Auto transmission trouble and replace car parts online

Dealing with defective transmission can be both time consuming and expensive to repair. So, it’s very important to keep noticing small signs of transmission trouble before things go out of your hands. Knowing the exact cause means you can buy replacement car parts under affordable prices.

We have put together this list of warning signs that could indicate the upcoming/ongoing problem with your car’s transmission!

Incorrect fluid level or Leakage

It is very important to check your car’s transmission fluid level at least twice a year. ATF is lifeblood that enables a transmission to transfer power from engine to the pavement. You might notice hard or erratic shifts, delayed gear engagements or even no shift (in case there is no ATF) and overheating of transmission resulting in total failure.

If your car is low on ATF, just add more of recommended ATF by simply going through your car’s manual. There might be chances of some leakage that is probably causing the ATF to go low. You might find leaks on seals, transmission lines, loose pans or gaskets.

Visit your professional mechanic and get those leaks fixed!

New transmission fluid is pinkish red and clear. Make sure that the ATF is not dark or has burnt smell. You might need to flush out the fluid if such thing happens.

Clogged filter

Have you ever checked your transmission filter? We often forget this but transmission’s filter is vital to its performance. The basic job of transmission filter is to keep the contaminants out of the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid will quickly reach a point where it is too dirty and the filter is clogged due to contaminants.

It’s easy and inexpensive to replace a car’s transmission filter than whole transmission parts replacement.

Car refusing to go into gear

Are you feeling lack of response from your car while shifting gears? If that’s the case, then there is definitely something wrong with car’s transmission. Transmissions are designed to go into correct gear every time, so if they hesitate to go, time to visit mechanic.

One potential problem that may occur is that the transmission refuses to budge when you depress the clutch pedal and attempt to move the stick shifter. Check out the transmission fluid levels, its viscosity and adjustment of shift cables or clutch linkage.

Noisy Transmission

Are you hearing weird noises in neutral? It could be transmission!

Sometimes, adding or replacing fluid, does the trick. But if the noise persists, that means there is something seriously wrong like mechanical wear that will need replacement of car parts. Worn bearings, reverse idler gear might be common culprits in this case.

Transmission Slipping

In a normally functioning transmission, car stays in gear you apply until you initiate a gear shift. But on a transmission in which gear slips, the car can pop out of gear while driving.

The major culprits might be inefficient fluid, worn gears, defective solenoids or burnt clutch discs. It can be dangerous, so avoid driving if you experience slipping. It’s time to have your car’s transmission examined!

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Illuminating check engine light is no less than a nightmare. While there might be various reasons behind its emergence but don’t forget there are sensors on the transmission that can pick a slightest vibration that you are not able to feel.

There might be some serious issue going on with your car’s transmission. Visit a technician and get your vehicle inspected.

Dragging clutch

Manual transmission vehicle owners could experience dragging clutch problem. A dragging clutch is one that fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when the driver pushes in the clutch pedal.

Driver can’t shift gears because still engaged clutch is still spinning along with the engine. It makes grinding noise with each attempt to shift the gears.

Luckily, this problem is quite inexpensive to handle. Too much slack in the clutch pedal causes this. The linkage between clutch disk and pedal can’t pull the clutch disk away from the flywheel because of slack available.

Whining, Clunking and Humming sounds

Every car is made differently, so there is possibility of hearing different kinds of sounds whenever an issue occurs with it. But in case of car’s transmission you may hear whining, chunking or humming sounds.

If you hear constant whining noise while making numerous stops and accelerations along with slip in the gears as the transmission shifts automatically, it points to low transmission fluid. Without proper level of fluid, the pump pushes air in the transmission that creates such sound and causes slipping of gears. Check for leaks in such case!

While your car’s engine is idling and shifter is park or neutral, gently raise the engine rpm by pushing the accelerator and keeping your foot off the brake pedal. It may be time to replace transmission pump or pump shaft if you notice humming sound.

Place your foot on brake with the engine in neutral and idling. Raise the rpm slightly. While maintaining pressure on brake, put the shift selector in drive. If you hear clunking noise, this could indicate to broken torque converter or mount. You can confirm your suspicion by checking the tightness of UV joints.

If you notice heavy clunking noise while shifting from neutral to reverse and vibration in chassis frame, there might be issue with transmission mount. In such case, call your professional mechanic and replace car transmission parts that are causing trouble.

Car noises are not to be ignored. That can indicate to a problem that you might not be able to notice. Refer to your car’s repair manual for further instructions or for locating the damaged auto parts.

So, bottom line? Well, you can avoid expensive repairs by just keeping up a regular maintenance schedule for your car. And, if you notice something unusual, don’t forget to visit mechanic!

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Prepare your vehicle and driver for winter season

Prepare your vehicle and driver for winter season

The winters may be tough, in fact very tough on your car’s engine, which is why the drivers prepare their cars well in advance of when the harshest conditions arrive. Just like you dress yourself in some extra layers of clothing and winterize your home to ensure a comfortable living during the cold, your car needs extra preparation to make it tough the winter as well. Replace the old auto parts with the new ones and get a set of whole new tires to ride smoothly on the roads that sometimes may be filled with snow.

Prepare your vehicle and driver for winter season

In this article, we’ll tell you what can be done to get your car (and driver) ready for the winter season. We’re not going to explain what needs to be replaced before the harsh weather conditions, but also what steps may be taken to ensure preventing emergency conditions as well.

Pack an emergency kit & first-aid kit

Keeping an emergency kit in your car’s dashboard is a great idea, but it is even more important to have it as winter driving conditions require extra safety equipment. If you’ve already kept one in the car, double check if it has required items like a small shovel, a scraper for the windshield, a sandbag, and warm clothing like gloves and a hat. If anything is missing, then get then online with the leading platform like Parts avatar Ontario.

Make sure you have right tires

Before the winters hit, get your tires double checked by a local mechanic if they are compatible for the winter season as every season requires a different type of tires, allowing you to enjoy smoother drive regardless of the weather conditions. While changing tires after every season may be tough and time consuming decision, get a pair of al-season tires with leading suppliers of aftermarket auto parts. A visual inspection can also help you identify whether or not your tires need to be changed.

Learn winter driving practices

Just like winter is much different to the summers, driving trends and techniques during the winters are much different to the summers or any other season of the year. It is always a better choice to get a winter refresher driving course from a local driver instructor. Make sure to practice the driving skills in an open parking lot to brush up on your steering and breaking techniques. This helps you avoid accidents due to the roads that may be covered with snow, which reduces grip between the car tires and the road. Also, it’s a lot of fun as long as you’re careful. Also, get the new brake pads from a reliable online platform like Partsavatar Canada for safer drive.

Remove snow from car before each trip

Remove snow from car before each trip

During winters, the snow not only reaches the top of your vehicle but also sometimes is hanging from your tires, which can cause problems when you least expect it. Before your start the drive, make sure to have a visual inspection to check and to kick off excess snow and ice behind your tires. There may be snow at the windshield, hood, grill area, and rear windows as well. Remove all the unwanted snow for a smother and safer drive as the snow can fly off the hood while you accelerate the vehicle. It can make tough visibility even more difficult.

Prepare the car for winter in the fall

It never hurts to be prepared in advance. Same goes with the vehicles as well. Having your vehicle prepared for that first surprise snowfall can help you stay ahead of everyone else and keep your loved ones safe from the unwanted incidents. After the next oil change, take your vehicle to a quick inspection at your favourite shop. If some repairs are required, get them done much before they turn into great trouble. You may not worry about the cooling system during the winters, but there’s nothing wrong in keeping the vehicle in a better conditions.

Check weather conditions before you leave on trip

The internet has changed the world, not only in sense of making daily use goods available at laptop screens, but also there are many tools available useful for route planning. These apps and tools can be used to check the weather conditions in a particular location, distance from one place to another, road conditions, traffic conditions and many more. These tools are available on both the mobile devices and computers for route planning and driving information.

Slow down, wear your seat belt

Now that you know everything about keeping your vehicle in a great working condition and how to leave for a comfortable and safer trip, it’s time to make sure you drive slow and wear your seat belt. According to experts, nearly 1.25 million people were killed in road accidents. Among the worldwide countries, Africa recorded the maximum number of road accidents. So, you’ll need to make sure you drive slow and always wear the seat belt. Studies show that speeding has very little impact on the time it takes to get from A to B. and without wearing seat belts, a collision can be very dangerous.  Strap of seat belts in the winter season can be a great help to stay protected during a road accident.

Before the winters, we all are likely to be prepared with a closet full of heavy coats and boots. So, why not to take a little extra care of your loving vehicle? Make sure your car is as prepared as you are. There are many car manufacturing companies that develop cars that are ready for almost every season, just like Mitsubishi as this is rated as the best car for winter seasons.

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How to Jump Start a CAR

Safety Precautions

Every man should be aware as to how to jump start a dead car battery. You never know that at what point you need this knowledge to aid a person who is trapped in such a situation or help yourself to get out the jam. Giving a jump start to a dead battery is really simple and you will be surprised to know that you have no idea how to do it. If you have earlier learned how to jumpstart a car, then it can be really easy to forget that what cable would go where.

Everything you need to know about Car Battery

Now you won’t feel like an idiot if someone asks you to jumpstart their car.

How to tell if your battery is DEAD?

Before you try to jump start your car, you must check the car battery to determine that is it the reason why your car isn’t starting properly. If you turn the ignition and hear that your car engine is cranking, then there is no problem with car battery and jump starting it won’t do anything. But on the other side, if you turn the car key on and there is no movement in the car, then it means that you have a dead battery and now you have the chance to jump start it so that you can once again get back on the road.

How to tell if your battery is DEAD if your battery is DEAD

Choosing the Right Jumper Cables

You don’t need a lot of tools to jump start your car battery. To start the process of jump start, you must go and find a car which is functioning properly. Make sure that the owners of both the cars are comfortable in opening the car hood and identifying the car battery and battery terminals. The most popular tool which is used to jumpstart a car is the jumper cables which are totally inexpensive and easy to store. The jumper cables vary in length, ranging from 10-20 feet. Some of the people have thinking that the longer the cable, the better it is because then you will not have to move the car with a dead battery. Now we know that the longer cables provide convenience, but on the other hand they may also lose power as the energy will have to travel more. The strength of the cables is denoted by the gauge. The lower is the gauge; the thicker and stronger are the cables.

Safety Precautions

Before you start performing any basic maintenance on your car, you must consider all the safety risks. Keep this thing in mind that there is no small child around you while you are trying to jump start a dead car battery. Take some time to look at your car’s manual. It varies from vehicle to vehicle and some vehicles require some extra steps in order to achieve a successful jump. If you are unsure regarding anything, then you can always contact a local mechanic who will help you out in such a situation. If you know that your car would surely permit a jump, and then be careful from dangerous electric shocks. When you are handling the jumper cables, be aware that their function is to transmit electrical current from one car to another. Sometimes the sparks may go flying into the air, so to prevent yourself you must wear a pair of protective glasses.

Safety Precautions

To Jump Start your car with cables, Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that both the cars are turned off properly.
  2. Connect one end of the red jumper cable to the positive terminal on the stalled battery.
  3. Now you have to connect the other red cable with the positive terminal of the good battery.
  4. Then connect one end of the black jumper cable, which is negative to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  5. The other black (negative) cable is then connected to a clean, unpainted metal surface under the disabled car’s hood.
  6. Now start the car which is doing the jumping and then run it for 2 to 3 minutes before you start the car which was dead.
  7. Very carefully remove the cables in reverse order.
  8. Keeps the jumped car running for around half an hour so that the battery gets sufficient time to recharge.

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Here’s how you can pass your MOT check with Flying Colours

MOT check with Flying Colours car

If your car is more than three years old, then every year it would have to pass an MOT test. This test was introduced in the year 1960 by Ministry of Transport. This test is conducted to check that the vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Now they also have to meet the emission standards. There is a specific amount of fees charged for this test and it is possible to find a cheaper price if you shop.

MOT check with Flying Colours car

Garages would offer you discount if you get your car serviced from them. All you have to do is to look out for blue “three triangles” logo. Before you take your vehicle for its annual MOT test, it is recommended that you carry out various quick and easy visual checks so that you car has the best chance of passing test. It would save a lot of your time as well as money.

Help your car pass its next MOT

You will be surprised to know that around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT because of many simple things like faulty bulbs, or even empty windscreen washer fluids. It is possible to check all such kinds of issues with a quick and simple check of your car. All it takes is a “Minute Or Two”!

Help your car pass its next MOT

If there are some faults in your car that you are not able to rectify, then you can contact your main dealer in advance. This is done so that they complete all the required work before the test is carried out. If all the problems are identified well in advance before the MOT test, then there are more chances that your car would pass its MOT test in the very first time.

What all is involved in a MOT?

  1. Headlights and Indicators

Properly check that all your car lights are functioning properly or not. It includes car headlights, sidelights, hazard lights and even indicators.

  1. Brake Lights

Press the brake pedal of your car and ask one of your friends to check that the rear brake light comes on. You can also reverse up the reflective surface like the window or the garage door and also look behind to see for yourself.

Brake Lights

  1. Number Plate

Keep this thing in mind that your number plate should be clean and legible. Simply just wiping it with a cloth would make a lot of difference. Its font as well as the spacing of letters should also comply with legal requirements which are passed by the MOT station.

  1. Wheels and tyres

Check if any or your car wheels is damaged. The minimum tyre depth is 1.6mm and if the tyres are less than this then they would be marked as an MOT fail. If you have a doubt about how much tread is left on your car tyre, then you can contact the main dealer and he will check it out for you. The dealer would figure out each and everything and would also give you the correct advice on the type of tyre that is right for your car if any sort of replacement is required.

Wheels and tyres

  1. Seats and seatbelts

The driver’s seat should adjust forward as well as backwards. Even the seat belts should be in good working condition. You should test the movement of the seat. Check if the seatbelts react as they are supposed to as they save your life in a crash.

  1. Windscreen

Check the front view of your car if there is any damage or not as if the damaged is larger than 40mm then it would cause a “fail”.

  1. Windscreen Wipers

Check that your car wipers have any tears or holes in them or not or else it can be a MOT fail.

  1. Horn

Try giving a short blast of the horn and if it doesn’t work well, then ask your dealer to repair or replace it.


If you are willing to change your car parts all by yourself and want to buy new ones, then all you have to do is to visit our online auto parts store – We care for our customers and that’s why we offer the best quality of products at affordable prices.


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Everything you need to know about Car Battery

Everything you need to know about Car Battery

How does a car battery work? And why do they fail in Cold Weather?

The batteries are able to supply the current as they are totally reliable on chemical reactions. During the cold weather, these reactions slow down and then the batteries reach a point where they cannot deliver enough current to keep up with the demand.

Everything you need to know about Car Battery

Do you know that cold batteries discharge faster than the warmer ones? If you are thinking of storing a car battery, then it is advised that you must store all the unused batteries in a cool location. The other thing which you should do is to bring it to a normal temperature before you start installing it and fire it up.

How often should you test your Car Battery?

If your vehicle is not starting properly, then you must get your car battery checked today itself. Whenever you take your car to the mechanic for routine maintenance, such as an oil exchange, and then get your car’s battery checked as well. Many of the shops do this thing for free, so make it a point to ask them whenever you visit them.

How often should you test your Car Battery

How often should a Battery be replaced?

The life of the car batteries is about 3-5 years. Keep this thing in mind that you must get your car battery checked up periodically so that you are not left all alone in an inconvenient place. If a service advisor or some other automotive technician is recommending you to replace your car battery, then you must double check before approving it.

What should you do when you have a Dead Battery?

If you have come across a dead battery, then there are some options:-

  1. Call for Roadside Assistance.

If you are alone and there are no jumper cables, then you have the option to call for roadside assistance.

Call for Roadside Assistance

  1. Break out the jumper cables and get started.
  • Pull the vehicle which is working next to yours, this is done so that both the batteries are within reach of your jumper cables.
  • Turn off both the automobiles.
  • Connect the positive cable which is of red colour to dead car’s positive terminal, then Red to the donor car’s positive terminal.
  • Connect the black clamp which is negative to the battery’s negative terminal on donor’s car. Now connect the other black clamp to ground point on the donor car’s engine.
  • Now let both the cars charge for a couple of minutes. Then fire up the donor’s car for few minutes. Then start the previously dead car and wait for another couple of minutes. You can also drive it for some time to ensure that the car battery has been fully recovered.

If you are willing to change your car parts all by yourself and want to buy new ones, then all you have to do is to visit our online auto parts store – We care for our customers and that’s why we offer the best quality of products at affordable prices.

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How to check your cars Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

How to check your cars Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

Do you know what would happen if your tires are underinflated? If your car tires are underinflated, then it would increase the tire wear, and can even reduce fuel economy. It can also lead to a blowout.

How to check your cars Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires


It is really very important to inflate this auto part to the specified pressure. Many of the people don’t know how to do this and just by simply looking at the tire and checking its information on the sidewalls is not the correct way of doing this. When you look at the tires and they appear to be slightly under inflated, then it means that the tire pressure is really low than the specified limit. So make it a habit to check your tires and if you feel that there is less pressure, then get them refilled as soon as possible. Make it a point to get them inflated once in a month.

Checking your tire pressure

So now you can learn how to check the pressure in your car’s tire with the least amount of fuss involved. For this purpose you will require a tire pressure gauge. You can easily buy it from anywhere and it wouldn’t cost much.

Checking your tire pressure

  1. Search for the perfect tire pressure level which is recommended for your car. You can find this information on the doorjamb on the driver side. There is a yellow sticker which contains all the information. You can also refer to your owner’s manual for this purpose. The pressure in the tires may vary according to its use. Generally the pressure level is different for the back tires and the front tires. It would also vary depending on the load put on the vehicle.
  2. When your tires are cold, then you can check the pressure. This is how the recommended pressures are listed. When you drive, the car tires heat up and this would give you an inaccurate reading. The reading would be overly high. You can check this auto component early in the morning.

Checking your tire pressure cold

  1. Carefully unscrew the valve cap and keep it in the side or secure it in your pocket so that you don’t lose it.
  2. Press the tire gauge onto the valve stem. There would be a slight hiss as you press down on the valve stem and same when you will release it. Just do this for one second or two; this time is enough to get an accurate reading.
  3. Now you can read the tire pressure on the digital gauge. You can also write down the pressure of the tires as you go around the car. You can always refer to this whenever you get your car tires filled up.

Now once this is done, you can compare the tire pressure readings which you got with the one specified in the manual. If the level of pressure in your car tires is below the specified amount, then you must get your car tires filled up with air.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.  Assume that your doorjamb sticker says that the recommended level is 32 psi (pounds per second inch). And when you go and get the tire pressure checked, you find out that it is just 29 psi. Then you must bring your tire pressure up to the specified limit.

Checking your tire pressure gadge

It is generally estimated that for every 3 psi below the specified limit, you will burn 1 per cent more fuel and the tire wear would also increase by 10 percent. So to avoid such a situation, get your car tires inflated properly.

Filling your tires

There are generally two ways with which you can refill your tires to bring them up to the specified limit. You can buy a portable air compressor very easily online. The advantage of doing this is that you can refill your tires at your home all by yourself or in your garage.

Filling your tires

Most of the people prefer to get their car tires refilled at the gas station. Very less amount is charged to refill the tires and you can even get the attendant to turn on the machine for free.

Adjusting your tire pressure

Here are the steps needed to adjust the pressure in your tires:-

  1. Place your car close to the air compressor so that the hose can easily reach all your tires.
  2. Then carefully remove the valve stem caps and set them to the side or keep them safely in your pockets.
  3. Insert coins and then you will hear the sound of the compressor motor as it has turned on.
  4. Press the hose fitting down on the valve stem and press the lever. You will feel the air flowing through the hose and would also hear the inflating sound. It can take a little bit of more effort to hold the hose on the valve stem.

Adjusting your tire pressure

  1. Release the inflation lever to see if there is enough air pressure. The gauge on the hose fitting will display if you have enough air pressure or not. Later, you can also use your own gauge to check it. At this very point, it is a good idea to slightly overinflate the tire.
  2. Adjust the pressure in all the tires the same way.
  3. You can also recheck the tire pressure using a digital gauge. If you feel that the pressure is extremely high, then press the gauge down to release some air. Then check it again.
  4. Replace the removed valve caps on all the tires.

So now you can enjoy improved fuel economy and the tire wear is not reduced many folds.

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What is the Trunk Light Bulb all about?

What is the Trunk Light Bulb all about

An enclosed place where you can store all your important possessions is a trunk. This place is totally secured and natural light does not enter in this compartment. The light bulb that would provide light in the trunk is controlled by a switch. This switch is either mounted to the trunk lid or can also be located in the trunk’s latch. With the help of this light, all the contents would be visible to you so that you can insert or remove items conveniently.  The trunk blub would turn off immediately when you will close the trunk lid.

What is the Trunk Light Bulb all about

Keep in Mind

  1. If you are thinking of accessing the trunk through a rear seat pass, then that would not turn the trunk light on as it only turns on when the trunk is open.
  2. There is an override switch in the trunk light to switch it off. You can always check the override switch in the trunk to see if it hasn’t been accidently bumped or turned off.
  3. If the filament of the bulb is loose, then it would cause a problem. You can always replace the bulb to fix it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Trunk Light Bulb?

  1. The trunk bulb doesn’t illuminate when the trunk is opened.
  2. The light of the trunk blub is dim.

light of the trunk blub is dim

How to replace a car trunk light bulb

The trunk light in the car trunks provides both convenience and safety. There can be any emergency during the night time, thus it is important to replace a bad bulb.

Have a look at the steps which would help you to change the light bulb in your vehicle’s trunk when you present bulb has failed. It would appear like a small system of your vehicle, but in reality it is a big deal. Just think what would you do if you get a flat tire on a road? In that situation you will have to access the spare, jack and a tire iron. All these things are generally located in the trunk or cargo area of your car.

How to replace a car trunk light bulb

PART 1- Removing the old trunk light bulb

Materials Needed

  • Correct size of replacement bulb
  • You will have to disconnect the battery terminals, so you must have a box end or socket wrench
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves

Step 1- Disconnect the battery

Disconnect the clamp holding the negative battery cable with the help of a socket wrench. It would protect you blowing the fuse. This first step is really very important and at the same time is a good habit to develop when you are dealing with any electrical auto part.

Disconnect the battery

Step2- Locate the trunk light bulb

Now you have to open the trunk of your car. Find the handle on the driver’s side floorboard so that you can access the trunk or the cargo area. The light bulb is mounted on the underside of the car trunk door. Or it may be situated on the roof of the inside of the vehicle’s cargo area. You can always use a flashlight to find the light bulb.

Step 3- Remove the trunk light bulb housing

Gently get under the lip of the housing by using a screwdriver or you can also use your fingernail. Be calm and patient, one of its sides would start to come loose.

Just keep this thing in mind that the plastic tabs on the housing are sensitive and that’s why you must not break them. They are uncommonly serviced parts and thus would be very expensive to replace.

Remove the trunk light bulb housing

Step 4- Remove the old light bulb

The light bulb is placed inside the socket; use a fine pair of gloves to gently pull the light bulb out of it. Most of the people have no idea that if you will do this with bare fingers, then it would slip as your hands would be oily. You can also unintentionally squeeze the bulb too hard that its brakes. That’s the reason why it is advised that you wear gloves so that you don’t cut yourself.

PART2- Installing the new trunk light bulb

Step 1- Reinstall the light bulb and housing

Wear your gloves and then insert the light bulb into the socket. Generally there are two types of light bulbs used in this application. They are designed in such a way that they should be installed in either direction.

The first type of bulb is similar to a household bulb. You can install them with a simple push or with a push in and twist motion. The second type of bulb is cylindrical in shape and with the help of two clips.

Now gently replace the housing into the vehicle and later press it back into place.

Step 2- Reconnect the battery and test the new bulb

Slide the negative battery terminal over the negative post. Then later tighten the terminal cable with the help of a socket wrench. Now your job is complete and all you have to do is to test your new bulb. Just walk around the vehicle and verify that the light has illuminated or not.

Now close the trunk and clean up your tools which you have used in this process and then you are finished.

Reconnect the battery and test the new bulb

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Reasons to park your Vehicle in Shade

Reasons to park your Vehicle in Shade

You must be driving around a lot in these holidays to visit great restaurants, shops, latest malls and many other exciting things. It is really fun to go out on road trips, but the major problem arises when you reach your final destination. Nobody would prefer to burn their ass or hands on the hot components. Would you? Make it a point to park your car in shade to avoid harmful UV rays, scorching temperatures, and other outsourced materials. When a car is involved, it would get magnified by the power of glass. The ultimate result of this would be that the heat gets trapped in an enclosed space.

Reasons to park your Vehicle in Shade

A lot of people are aware about the importance of parking car in shade. The cars of the people are parked far away from the actual entrances to the shops. The main reason behind this is that they want to grab some shade from the tiny trees. Such people are surely the smart ones! Why? Here are some reasons to keep your car away from sun as much as you can.

  1. No one likes the smell of burnt ham

It’s a hot topic for sure, but burnt tights due to hot leather seats are the worst experience one can have in summer. The air around is sweltering, the seats would scorch your back as well as legs. The Steering wheel would be too hot to touch and hold comfortably and at the same time the belt buckles would actually burn your. One thing which you can do is that you can put a towel over your seats, but it gets really sweaty. If you are not a driving gloves kind of person, then you will have to deal with this hot auto part.

You can go for a sun shield behind the windscreen, but that won’t provide any protection to the side windows. So it is practical as well as effective to park your car in the shade. You can also go for smash and grab tinting as it allows little less sun to penetrate the glass products. If you will start parking your car in the shade, then it can decrease the internal temperature over 35 degrees. By doing this, it would make your car cool down very quickly.

No one likes the smell of burnt ham

  1. Stop the fade

The light and sun do nothing, but just fading. They are actually affecting your car’s interior. You must have seen some sun damage in the older cars which spend a lot of time outside. The reason may be due to lack of perfect car parking or the car is used a lot for something like a delivery job. A lot of damage is caused due to harmful sun rays like in the form of fading and at the same time it can even cause cracks in your dashboard. It would cause such a damage that it will look like a jigsaw puzzle. Don’t forget about your car windscreen, it would be working like a magnifying glass burning paper and thus increasing the heat on your dashboard.

Stop the fade


If you will park your car in the shade, then your dashboard won’t absorb heat, drying out or fading and cracking. After being exposed to the sun for a long period to time, your car seats will also start fading, leaving your favourite jet black seats into less appealing shade of grey. If you feel that your car is your pride, then you definitely don’t want that!

  1. You can save money

Most of the people are not aware of this fact that you can actually save money by parking your car in the shade. Won’t you feel happy to have a little bit of extra cash over the festive period? All you will have to do is to put a little bit more effort to find a good parking for your car. If you will keep your car cool, then the speed at which your car petrol evaporates would slow down many folds.  This means that you would get to drive further on the same money. If your car is cool beforehand, then it means that there is no need to use your car’s air conditioner to cool it. This would again save a lot of your money.

No one likes the smell of burnt ham

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How to Park a Car

How to park a car by Parallel Parking

Is it possible to drive a car without knowing how to park it? Of course not! If you wish to know and understand how to park your car in various situations, then all you have to do is to reach that spot slowly, position the car correctly and know when to shift gears. It can be a really tough task for some people to park a car perfectly. Here are some tips and tricks with the help of which you can make your parking experience a little less difficult and stressful.

How to park a car by Parallel Parking

How to park a car by Parallel Parking

Let us first of all understand the parallel parking technique which is used in car parking. Parallel parking is also known as reverse parking as in this firstly you are required to reverse and then stop between two vehicles parked at the side of the road.

There is a little bit of struggle with the parallel parking, but it just takes some time to gear yourself up with 2 or 3 reference points and then your task is completed.

A smart trick which you can use here is that try this technique on a quiet road many a times as you feel, so that you get used to it. It is because you never know when the need to park the car parallel arises. So you should be prepared for such a situation.

How to Park a Car- Parallel Parking Diagram A

When you are driving and you are finding a suitable place to park, if there are many other cars already parked up, then you will have to consider a parallel park. If the road around you is busy, then you should be attentive enough to keep a check on your rear mirror.  The main reason behind this is that whenever you will find a perfect spot to park your car, then you will have to give a signal to the cars at your back that you are slowing down. They might think that you are taking a left turn, but it reality you would be stopping. So slow down gradually so that the car which behind you would get the time to react.

You can stop alongside the vehicle you wish to park behind. The ideal distance should be around 1 meter from door to door.

Parallel Parking Diagram B

When you feel safe, you can start to reverse until the cars are properly levelled at the rear. If you find that your car and the car which is placed towards your left are of same size, then you must line the side mirrors up. You can alter the reference points according to your car. Don’t forget to practice well on a quiet road beforehand.

Parallel Parking Diagram B

Parallel Parking Diagram C

In this you will have to steer one complete turn towards left. You can also turn fully left, but it would lead your car too close to the rear of the car in front. The turning angle would be harsher. Make sure that you look to your right blind spot because there can be some pedestrians or cyclists. It is hazardous as the front of your car will swing out. Once you have completely turned the wheel to the left, then now you will need to establish another reference point. There are 2 reference points that would assist you. One can steer full lock right when the left front corner of the car lines up with the rear right corner of the car which is in front. You can notice a triangle between your car and the curb if you will look in your left mirror while reversing. While you are steering right, you should ensure that you have sufficient clearance from the car in front.

Parallel Parking Diagram c

Parallel Parking Diagram D

When the car straightens up, you should turn the wheel to the left. When your car is perfectly straight, you should see in your left mirror that the curb is running down the road parallel to your car.

If you will follow these reference points, then you will be able to maintain a good parking distance from the curb. But if you ever feel that you are still too far in the road, then you can move forward slightly and reverse again steering to the left and right once again.

Parallel Parking Diagram D

Keep this thing in mind that there should be a distance between your car and the one which is in front of you. If you are not there and someone else parks their vehicle close behind your car, then you will face trouble getting out.

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How to change a Spare Wheel

How to change a Spare Wheel

It won’t be a tough task to change the wheel at the side of the road if you know how to change it. Your car can get puncture at any point of the day or night without giving any warning. Even if you are sure that you can fit the extra wheel all by yourself, it can set your journey back and would cause you some extra hassle as well.

How to change a Spare Wheel

But if you don’t know how to fit the spare tire, then the situation can be even more irritating as all you can do is to wait for the mechanic to arrive and complete the task for you. So if you will learn how to change this car part, it would save your time as well as a lot of money. Before knowing how to do it, here are some precautions you should take.

  1. Keep your spare wheel ready to use

If you get a puncture, then it would be extremely demoralizing to find that the spare wheel is flat and its rubber is old and perished. So make it a point to get your spare wheel’s tyre pressure checked along with the other ones. You should do this every couple of months.  Always inspect your spare wheel to check that the rubber is in good condition or not.


  1. Never change a wheel on the motorway

It would just take a fraction of seconds for some careless driver to wipe you out of the road, so always use your mobile phone to call for a recovery service. It would help you to move to a safe place before you start doing any work on your car. This is one important breakdown tips.

Never change a wheel on the motorway


  1. Use a puncture repair kit

There are some cars which do not have a spare wheel, but they have a puncture repair kit and a compressor that would help you to pump the tyre up again.

  1. Be careful

When you change a tyre, it involves raising it onto a jack. Be careful and sensible while doing this and always refer to your car’s manual or you can even seek the help of a professional. Take full precautions as if the jack falls over while the car is on it, then it can cause damage to the car and even you can get injured.

jack falls over while the car

Still wishing to learn how to change the wheel? Read the points mentioned below:

  1. Make sure the car is on flat, hard, level ground

You are going to jack up your car, so make sure that it is totally safe without your car falling off the jack.  Check that your car is properly levelled and there are no lumps as two of the wheels of the car would be lifted off the ground. Also check that the ground is firm and would support the weight of the car when lifted.

  1. Check you have the key for your locking wheel nuts

There are some cars which are fitted with locking wheel nuts, so first of all you will have to find the locking wheel nut key. You can find it easily in the glove compartment, in the side pockets or near the spare wheel. It will resemble a socket from a socket set. It would completely fit into your wheel nut.

  1. Check the manual

It would be really helpful if you have your car’s manual. With its help you will get to know the location of your car’s wheel brace and how to use them. Learn how to position the jack properly so that you can lift the car gently without damaging it. With its help you will get to know where your spare wheel is and how to remove it.

Check the manual

  1. Make sure that your car doesn’t move

Do you want your car to roll away while you are changing the wheel? Of course not! Don’t forget to put your handbrake on and there are two ways to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Firstly, select the first or the reverse gear of your car and at that time the engine should be turned off. There are some automatic cars, if you have one then put it in ‘park’ or ‘P’.  The reason behind this is that the handbrake operates on two wheels.

Secondly, try to block your car physically so that it does not move. Try to figure out which wheel is diametrically opposite to the one you are replacing. Then all you have to do is to find two rocks and some bricks and carefully place them in front and of behind that wheel.

Make sure that your car doesn’t move

  1. Loosen your wheel nuts

You must loosen the nuts or bolts that hold the wheel you want to change before you jack the car up. It is because it would be extremely tight and when the wheel is in the air, it would just spin in freely whenever you will try to loosen it. Connect your car’s wheel brace to the nuts and bolts and then turn.  Position the wheel brace in such a way that you can push its handle using your foot and you can also use your body weight by standing on it. The nut or the bolt would then start to move and then you will be able to turn the wheel brace by hand to loosen it.

  1. Find the car’s jack

Your car jack is generally located in the boot.  Search it in the side panels or under the boot floor. You can even find it under the bonnet in some cars. As soon as you find it, remove it from the car.

Find the car’s jack

  1. Find the car’s spare wheel

So now is the time when you should take out your spare wheel and then place it gently on the ground near your car. Many people keep the spare wheel in the compartment below the boot floor. If there is any doubt, then you can always refer to your owner’s manual.

  1. Position the jack beneath the car

For this part you will have to check your car’s manual. With its help you will get to know that where you should actually position the jack. Usually it is placed beneath the front or rear window.

  1. Jack the car up

Wind the jack up by following the instructions in the user manual. You can either connect the wheel brace to a nut on the jack or the jack may have a built in handle which you can use. Keep on winding until the wheel you wish to replace is clear of the ground.

  1. Remove the wheel with the punctured tyre

The time of taking the wheel off the hub has arrived. The nuts and bolts are removed with the help of wheel brace. Then slide the wheel off the hub. Be extremely careful as it would be heavier than you think.

  1. Locate the spare wheel onto the hub

It would be very easy if your car’s wheel is fastened with nuts. When you have to hang the wheel on the hub, then it would be a nice idea to have a friend or passenger with you to help you supporting the weight of the wheel.

Locate the spare wheel onto the hub

  1. Secure the wheel

Carefully screw all the nuts and bolts back on.  Ensure that all the nuts and bolts are finger tight.

  1. Jack the car down

Earlier you raised the car up and now you have to reverse that procedure. Wind the jack down until the car is once again resting on all four wheels.

  1. Tighten the wheel

It is now very important to use the wheel brace for the purpose of tightening up the wheel nuts or the bolts. Tighten them up as hard as you can by using your hand and then you can use your foot to push the wheel brace even further round.

  1. Clear up and hit the road

Place your old wheel back in the car. Don’t forget to remove the rocks or the bricks from the wheels.  Now you are ready to get on the road once again. offers wide range of auto body parts to its customers. The products which we have are best in quality and easily affordable. So don’t miss this exciting chance and visit us as soon as you can.


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Comparing New Car Parts- OEM vs. Aftermarket? Your search completes at

Every vehicle needs great care and because the car parts are prepared using metals, they need to be replaced after a certain time span. Now that we are talking about the car parts, the decision of selecting car parts must be made strategically with all the information required. Not all the parts available are the same, of course they look the same, but there are many factors like material quality, price, manufacturer, etc., that differentiate them from one another.

The most important thing that can be a great help to make the right choice is knowing the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket auto parts. After understanding the drawbacks and benefits of these two, it will be easier for the car owners to decide what the best for their vehicle is.

Aftermarket Car Parts

OEM vs. Aftermarket

In the laymen’s language, aftermarket car parts are the parts that are not from the vehicle’s original manufacturer. Instead, they are manufactured by other fabrication companies (third-party Company) and typically function the same as the parts from the original car manufacturer. Whatever you need, break & wheel bearings, steering wheel parts or any other one, all of them are available by the third-party manufacturers. They are made with the same materials and serve the same purpose, but they have slight differences that only a professional expert can understand. Buying aftermarket car parts offer some significant benefits:

They can be less expensive

Every time you go to a car garage, you are told two different prices for the same car part, right? The prime reason behind the two prices is the product manufacturer. The aftermarket automotive parts are usually more expensive than the OEM, but it also varies by brand and one needs to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal and the best quality parts. Whenever you are offered a part with lower quality, don’t forget to cross ask questions about the quality of the part.

The quality can vary

The choice of aftermarket car parts is endless and hence the quality of parts vary significantly. Every manufacturer would use different machines and methods to create, hence not every part will be the highest quality. Some companies specialize in specific parts, while others make almost any part you can think of. The wide range and pricing available for different parts gives you more options on which part to select for your vehicle. If you are unsure about the quality of product you are purchasing, try consulting a professional about the quality to be sure or you can simply stick to the brand you trust.

They can be equal or even higher quality than OEM parts

OEM car parts are the genuine parts, made by car manufacturing companies. But this doesn’t mean that the aftermarket car parts can’t be better than OEM parts. Some aftermarket car parts, due to redesign, may actually be an improvement on the original. The third-party car part manufacturing companies keep improving their quality and if they identified some weaknesses in the original part, they’ll work out these kinks to provide you with a better product.

Options can be overwhelming

As mentioned earlier, there are countless companies creating aftermarket parts, so the options are huge. However the wide range of choice can also make it hard to choose the right one. It can be even more difficult if you’re not familiar with car parts.

They may come with no warranty

The most important reason that the aftermarket manufacturers keep their costs down is that the parts are not covered under warranty. It doesn’t meant they’d not last longer, but you buy at your own risk. But you can always be sure about the quality and longer life with the leading online portals like Partsavatar Ca.

OEM Car Parts

There’s a reason that people prefer taking their vehicles to the dealership for repairs. And the most common reason among them is that you get these kinds of parts. They are manufacture red by the same car manufacturer and are of premium quality.

The choice is easier

When buying the OEM car parts, you are not bombarded with a wide range of options from different brands. Hence you don’t need to worry about contrasting and comparing them for the better quality and pricing. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need to compare and check the quality.

They come with warranty

With the OEM replacement auto parts, you get warrantee from the manufacturer that usually last till one year, and getting your repairs done at the dealership means you get the better quality repair work. For any damage, covered under the warrantee, the part can be replaced or repaired without any extra cost.

They can be more expensive

The price of OEM car parts is usually 60% to 70% higher than the aftermarket car parts. And because you’re not given many choices from different manufacturers, you’re stuck with paying one price. You may get the same quality if buy aftermarket auto parts with retailers like Partsavatar Ontario.

They’re not always higher in quality

While the price of OEM parts is usually higher than the aftermarket parts, but this not always means that they’re higher in quality. Sometimes you may be just paying higher cost for the brand name of the car manufacturer with nothing special about the product quality.

They are only available at the dealership

You don’t get the OEM parts outside the dealership, which means you can buy and get them installed in the dealership itself, limiting where you can go. If they’re ordered from a mechanic, you may wait for weeks or months for the same product that you may get immediately at the dealership.

Following the great commitment to deliver quality and better products to the consumers, the aftermarket car parts’ market is growing at a great pace. The higher quality has led to the aftermarket car parts industry touch $34 billion and has been growing at a rate of 8 percent annually since 2000.

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What is a Yamaha Grizzly Repair Manual?

Yamaha Grizzly

Owning an Yamaha Grizzly ATV can be plenty of fun. After all, you have probably one of the most capable vehicles built for the purpose of off-roading. Whether you want to ride through the beach or navigate some rocky terrain, your ATV can get the job done. There are only a handful of off-roading vehicles out there that can compete with an ATV.

Now, as an Yamaha Grizzly ATV owner, you obviously want your vehicle to last as long as possible. Of course, ATVs are built to last, but, like all machines, they do require some care and maintenance. Plus, there is always a possibility of malfunction, no matter how awesomely built your ATV is.

Yamaha Grizzly

So, where do you go for help when your ATV needs some tender, loving care? Well, you could take it to the professionals, but, they will charge you more than what you should be paying even for the slightest problems.

That’s why it’s always better to fix things yourself. It’s okay if you’re getting professional help for all the complex stuff, but, for the simple work, your own efforts are enough.

But, how can you carry out your own fixes, right? Well, you can do it as long as you have an ATV Repair Manual to help you out.

What are Yamaha Grizzly ATV repair manuals?

As the name indicates, ATV Repair Manuals are manuals that come in document or booklet form and contain information about caring for your ATV. They are filled with details on various aspects of ATV maintenance.

For example, you’ll be provided with safety instructions on how to ideally operate your ATV, which, in itself, is a great way to keep the ATV in great shape. Tips such as this can help you prolong the life of your ATV.

The typical ATV repair manual

ATV repair manuals can vary based on the ATV manufacturer. Some might provide booklets, while others might just mail you a digital version. However, when it comes to the content, they are all almost the same.

After all, as we stated earlier, they provide you with information on how to maintain and operate your ATV.

As soon as you open an ATV repair manual, you will first be introduced to an Index. The “Index” is where you’ll find the various chapters and topics listed out with their corresponding page numbers. To put it simply, the index helps you find exactly what you are looking for.  For instance, if you want to know what the ideal tire pressure is for your ATV’s tires, the index will give you the page number to that information. On the whole, the index cuts down effort and saves time.

ATV repair manuals will also provide you with detailed illustrations on how to do things. You will have illustrations listing out basic parts and what goes where. In fact, some manufacturers will provide you with interactive digital manuals that will actually show you how a certain fix is made or how a certain part is installed.

The point is, ATV repair manuals are extremely helpful. They save you money and time by offering a way to fix things yourself.


White, Steve. “DOWNLOAD Yamaha Grizzly Repair Manual 80 125 350 400 550 600 660 ATVs 30 June 2017,

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Hyundai Sonata 2018 Model – Review

Hyundai Sonata 2018 Model Review

The impression is the most noteworthy change to the new-look Sonata is the front end with another falling grille, which is longer and more shaped. This grille will advance over all models as a noteworthy piece of Hyundai’s new corporate plan dialect. Hyundai cases to be the main auto organization that makes its own steel, and this falling plan is enlivened by the stream of liquid steel as it’s poured. With an extended front end, new character lines on the hood and front guard, and slimmer LED headlights, corrections give the whole auto a more forceful appearance and sportier position.

At the back, moving the tag from the storage compartment to the guard was a decent decision. It streamlines the back end, better displaying the sheetmetal and permitting the storage compartment cover and overhauled taillights to become the dominant focal point. Turbo models will get a twin fumes, expanding the energetic feel much more.

Hyundai Sonata 2018 Model Review

Inside the Sonata, the facelifted focus stack highlights a seven-inch touchscreen screen (eight-inch on the Limited version. The sound controls are more streamlined to give the whole unit a less massive appearance, and a lively, cowhide wrapped three-talked directing wheel supplements different treats, for example, calfskin seats. The greatest change in trim levels accompanies the expansion of the SEL demonstrate, simply over the SE and Eco models, which incorporates significantly more components

Gone for 2018 is the six-speed transmission from the turbocharged 2.0-liter models, supplanted by the all-new eight-speed that includes proportion go at both best and base. The power is unaltered at 245 drive, however recall that the BMW 330i’s 2.0-liter turbo makes 248 hp, so Hyundai’s motor is in the ballpark with those from set up extravagance brands. Indeed, even with that power, don’t rely on indecent dispatches, as there’s a lot of slack. Once the turbo is spooled up, the motor has moxie.

This moderate size section is in fact a session of inches, and an intriguing one at that nowadays. In the event that this invigorate is any sign, Hyundai and its leader Sonata may have quite recently transformed a fair hit into a triple.

Looking to rent a luxury car in Dubai like Hyundai Sonata ? offers economy and luxury car rental in Dubai.

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From air cleaner to car engine parts, no one manufactures it better than Dorman at Parts Avatar Canada – the ultimate aftermarket auto parts seller

Parts Avatar Auto Parts

When it comes to car parts manufacturer, the name “Dorman,” screams excellence and rates at the very top. It was established back in 1981 and has since grown on to become one of the well-recognized brands when it comes to aftermarket auto parts. The products sold by Dorman are of top quality and are sold at most affordable rates only on Parts Avatar Auto Parts.

Parts Avatar Auto Parts

While most replacement car parts sellers are hardly dependable, especially the ones offering outrageous discounts, Dorman Parts is a name that you, a car owner can blindly trust upon. Regardless of whether it is your car’s air conditioner that has gone wonky or your steering wheel which has jammed up, Dorman has the answer to every car problem.

It is not only important to have a flawlessly shiny exterior of your vehicle. Your car is as strong as the interior auto parts and hence it is more important to maintain them always in top notch condition at all times. This includes vital car parts like, air cleaner, air conditioning bypass pulley, air conditioning switch, air intake hose, air mass sensor, automatic transmission bushing, automatic transmission module, battery, belts, blower parts, breather element, breather or PCV kit, cabin air filter, cam gear and cam position sensor. In tropical countries or the summer, the car cabin can really get unbearable without proper cooling system. Visit Parts Avatar Ontario to choose aftermarket auto parts to replace your old, worn out, air cooler of your vehicle.

There are also a number of other components that are responsible for maintaining the internal climate of the vehicle. Car parts such as coolant temperature sensor, crank position sensor, crankcase depression valve, crossover pipe, CV boot, CV joint, decouple pulleys, differential bearing, driveshaft coupler, EGR valve, electronic climate control module and emission parts are tasked with keeping the vehicle toasty during white winters and pleasantly cool during scorching summers.

Auto parts like carburetor kits and parts, catalytic converter, clutch bearing; clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, and condenser fan assembly have to run smoothly in order for the vehicle to run without any glitches. Since the clutch controls the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) of the engine, a poorly functioning clutch can directly affect the heart of the vehicle, ultimately causing it to break down. To prevent that from happening, it is safer to get the faulty car clutch replaced by a new one from Dorman.

No auto part can compare with the importance of a car engine. The indispensable components of a car engine includes engine filters and PCV, engine miscellaneous, engine mount, engine oil separator, engines and kits, exhaust clamp, exhaust hanger, exhaust manifold, exhaust parts. If any of the above car parts give in, the vehicle would refuse to start. This can be a complete nightmare if one is rushing to attend an important meeting or in the middle of a cross-country tour. Head to Parts Avatar Toronto to check out the options of the different clutch parts offered by Dorman if you suspect that any of the above components are starting to fail.

Auto Parts

Also keep an eye out for the fuel-related issues in your car. If the engine is the brain of the car, the fuel is the blood and soul of the vehicle, without which it won’t be able to move an inch. If the fuel of your car runs out in the middle of a desert-like area, where there are no signs of a gas station nearby, it can be due to any of the following reasons – Either you are an inexperienced driver who forgot to check the fuel tank before you boarded the car or because the system set in place to keep your fuel level in check has gone bust. If it is the latter, it will probably be due to the fact that one or more of the following components have failed – the fuel level sensor, fuel line assembly, fuel line O ring kit, fuel pump hanger assembly, fuel pump module assembly, fuel pump, fuel turbo system and fuel tank pressure sensor. Instead of scratching your head, visit Parts Avatar Alberta to get your fuel-sensing system back on track.

Apart from the fuel sensor, there are a bunch of other controls displayed on the dashboard including the very button which kick starts the vehicle. If you are a first-timer, you are probably not acquainted with half of the features that are connected to the internal hardware of the car. Some of auto parts are the gasket set, hub assembly, idler pulleys, ignition starter switch, intake manifold, intercooler, oil dipstick, oil drain plug, oil filter, oil pan, PCV elbow, PCV valve, pistons, oil pumps, block parts. Just because not all of them happen to be represented by a blinking light or arrow on the dashboard when they are close to being worn out, does not mean that they do not have crucial roles to play in the overall engineering of the vehicle.

If the power steering hose or the pressure regulator fails, the car can swerve out of turn and end up claiming any precious lives. Similarly, auto parts like pushrod, remanufactured throttle body, solenoid, speed sensor, steering shaft, tensioner adjuster, tensioner assembly, throttle position sensor, turbo boost sensor, U and CV joints and drive shafts, vacuum pump, vacuum regulator, valve train, cylinder head parts, water in fuel sensor, yoke are vital to the safety of both the car owner as well as his/her fellow passengers in the long run.

This is why experienced car owners insist on buying aftermarket car parts from the best in the market – Dorman. Now you can enjoy the benefit of browsing for the auto part you require for the exact make and model of your car just by visiting Parts Avatar Canada, the ideal destination for top car manufacturers.

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Distinct Luxury and Sporty Design Automobile

2017 toyota camry

All the expectations placed on the midsize sedans have been fulfilled by the 2017 Toyota Camry. The company laid more emphasis on the ease of use and comfort. Camry remains to be an honest pick despite the fact that the rival sedans are a little flashier. It has received a substantial reputation for both durability and reliability. The 2017 Toyota Camry comes in four trim levels with two engine choices. The trim levels range from basic to more luxurious or sporty. Some will accommodate the Potent V6 engine while the others are better off with the adequate four-cylinder engine.

The reasons why the top two trims are recommended is because they are eligible for the V6 engine in combination with advanced safety features that may be optional. You may never run short of competition when it comes to the 2017 Toyota Camry. There is a slightly different take represented on the midsize sedan by each trim level. They are well-emphasized on a different brand of personality, value, and performance. Most individuals would consider the intangible preferences in making a choice between the trim levels of Toyota Camry. The top trims have been favored with new features such as a wireless device-charging pad and an upgraded infotainment system.

2017 toyota camry

The 2017 Toyota Camry is available in four trim levels and is a midsize sedan that seats five. These trims include the LE, SE, XSE, and XLE. All models feature a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with the front wheels powered by a six-speed automatic transmission. The engine has 178 horsepower with 170 pound-feet of torque. The top models are the XSE and XLE which qualify for the optional 3.5-liter V6 engine. It features 268 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque.

The smooth and powerful engine of the Toyota Camry makes it a strong performer for the class. It is as quick as other V6 rivals because the handling is confident, brakes are up to the task, and overall drivability makes it fit among the best. It also accelerates without much effort since the powerful engine has been combined with a manually shiftable six-speed automatic transmission. It has a great resistance for the pedal feel regardless of the frequency of use. It is easy to drive on all terrains with its excellent highway manners, intuitive brake response, and effortless acceleration. It is also easy to park because of the manageable size and a light steering.

The front seats are adequately supported and have ample adjustability. The 2017 Toyota Camry has very generous rear accommodation. Its overall quietness and highway ride makes it among the best in the class. The XLE interior of Toyota Camry is perfectly designed with incredible ergonomics with a responsive touchscreen as well as a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. There are several aids for visibility have also been incorporated in the trim levels making them more comfortable. The Entune infotainment of Toyota Camry meets all expectations of a luxurious, sporty design. It has a reasonably easy navigation with accurate voice recognition.  It has an effective electronic stability control system that is unobtrusive when it is needed and engaged.

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How to Choose a Car Locksmith

Car Locksmith

There is nothing annoying and frustrating like being locked out of your car. People take all sorts of desperate measures to get inside their cars when they’re locked out, but such times call for calm and composed thinking. You should always keep the contact details of a few car locksmiths because they’re experts at opening locks, making duplicate keys, mak-ing new locks and helping you when there’s a time of crisis and you’re locked out.

Car Locksmith

While hiring a professional car locksmith, you need to consider quite some qualities and tips that will make sure that you hire the best around you:

a. Location

These days, there are a lot of car locksmiths who have their own vehicles. Whenever you call them, they reach within a short span of time to help you out. Still, if a locksmith is lo-cated at the other end of the town, there’s no way he can come fast in spite of having a vehicle. Since people in an emergency can’t wait for long and start panicking, it is better you check out the location of the locksmith. If it’s nearby, you will be satisfied on receiving quick help.

b. Reliability

How can you be sure that the car locksmith will come as soon as you place a call? Reliability is important and you should ask for references from colleagues, neighbors, and family to confirm if a particular locksmith is reliable or not. Along with reliability, even trustworthi-ness is important. Always look for a licensed practitioner who is registered with the gov-ernment. Since locksmiths know the key to every lock, someone who’s had a bad history can make a duplicate key and flick your belongings as well.

c. Always ask for a bill

Whenever you get work done from locksmiths, make sure you ask for a bill. This way, you will have a proof that you’ve paid all your dues and if there’s some dispute in future, you will have the bill in your possession as a proof. Check for the company’s official seal and stamp of a senior official or the proprietor.

d. Personal references

There’s nothing better than word of mouth. That’s why personal references work the best. Ask your friends and family members who’ve been locked out before for the locksmith they’ve consulted. If they recommend someone, then take the number of that locksmith and always keep it stored in your cell phone.

In conclusion, you might get a lot of local locksmiths who are able in their craft. From among them, you should choose an experienced one since he will have a good reputation in the market and because of his experience, would be well equipped at handling kinds of locks.

For more information, visit Car Locksmith In Charlotte NC website

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