Every vehicle needs great care and because the car parts are prepared using metals, they need to be replaced after a certain time span. Now that we are talking about the car parts, the decision of selecting car parts must be made strategically with all the information required. Not all the parts available are the same, of course they look the same, but there are many factors like material quality, price, manufacturer, etc., that differentiate them from one another.

The most important thing that can be a great help to make the right choice is knowing the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket auto parts. After understanding the drawbacks and benefits of these two, it will be easier for the car owners to decide what the best for their vehicle is.

Aftermarket Car Parts

OEM vs. Aftermarket

In the laymen’s language, aftermarket car parts are the parts that are not from the vehicle’s original manufacturer. Instead, they are manufactured by other fabrication companies (third-party Company) and typically function the same as the parts from the original car manufacturer. Whatever you need, break & wheel bearings, steering wheel parts or any other one, all of them are available by the third-party manufacturers. They are made with the same materials and serve the same purpose, but they have slight differences that only a professional expert can understand. Buying aftermarket car parts offer some significant benefits:

They can be less expensive

Every time you go to a car garage, you are told two different prices for the same car part, right? The prime reason behind the two prices is the product manufacturer. The aftermarket automotive parts are usually more expensive than the OEM, but it also varies by brand and one needs to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal and the best quality parts. Whenever you are offered a part with lower quality, don’t forget to cross ask questions about the quality of the part.

The quality can vary

The choice of aftermarket car parts is endless and hence the quality of parts vary significantly. Every manufacturer would use different machines and methods to create, hence not every part will be the highest quality. Some companies specialize in specific parts, while others make almost any part you can think of. The wide range and pricing available for different parts gives you more options on which part to select for your vehicle. If you are unsure about the quality of product you are purchasing, try consulting a professional about the quality to be sure or you can simply stick to the brand you trust.

They can be equal or even higher quality than OEM parts

OEM car parts are the genuine parts, made by car manufacturing companies. But this doesn’t mean that the aftermarket car parts can’t be better than OEM parts. Some aftermarket car parts, due to redesign, may actually be an improvement on the original. The third-party car part manufacturing companies keep improving their quality and if they identified some weaknesses in the original part, they’ll work out these kinks to provide you with a better product.

Options can be overwhelming

As mentioned earlier, there are countless companies creating aftermarket parts, so the options are huge. However the wide range of choice can also make it hard to choose the right one. It can be even more difficult if you’re not familiar with car parts.

They may come with no warranty

The most important reason that the aftermarket manufacturers keep their costs down is that the parts are not covered under warranty. It doesn’t meant they’d not last longer, but you buy at your own risk. But you can always be sure about the quality and longer life with the leading online portals like Partsavatar Ca.

OEM Car Parts

There’s a reason that people prefer taking their vehicles to the dealership for repairs. And the most common reason among them is that you get these kinds of parts. They are manufacture red by the same car manufacturer and are of premium quality.

The choice is easier

When buying the OEM car parts, you are not bombarded with a wide range of options from different brands. Hence you don’t need to worry about contrasting and comparing them for the better quality and pricing. But this doesn’t mean you don’t need to compare and check the quality.

They come with warranty

With the OEM replacement auto parts, you get warrantee from the manufacturer that usually last till one year, and getting your repairs done at the dealership means you get the better quality repair work. For any damage, covered under the warrantee, the part can be replaced or repaired without any extra cost.

They can be more expensive

The price of OEM car parts is usually 60% to 70% higher than the aftermarket car parts. And because you’re not given many choices from different manufacturers, you’re stuck with paying one price. You may get the same quality if buy aftermarket auto parts with retailers like Partsavatar Ontario.

They’re not always higher in quality

While the price of OEM parts is usually higher than the aftermarket parts, but this not always means that they’re higher in quality. Sometimes you may be just paying higher cost for the brand name of the car manufacturer with nothing special about the product quality.

They are only available at the dealership

You don’t get the OEM parts outside the dealership, which means you can buy and get them installed in the dealership itself, limiting where you can go. If they’re ordered from a mechanic, you may wait for weeks or months for the same product that you may get immediately at the dealership.

Following the great commitment to deliver quality and better products to the consumers, the aftermarket car parts’ market is growing at a great pace. The higher quality has led to the aftermarket car parts industry touch $34 billion and has been growing at a rate of 8 percent annually since 2000.

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