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Check out the symptoms of Auto transmission trouble and replace car parts online

Dealing with defective transmission can be both time consuming and expensive to repair. So, it’s very important to keep noticing small signs of transmission trouble before things go out of your hands. Knowing the exact cause means you can buy replacement car parts under affordable prices.

We have put together this list of warning signs that could indicate the upcoming/ongoing problem with your car’s transmission!

Incorrect fluid level or Leakage

It is very important to check your car’s transmission fluid level at least twice a year. ATF is lifeblood that enables a transmission to transfer power from engine to the pavement. You might notice hard or erratic shifts, delayed gear engagements or even no shift (in case there is no ATF) and overheating of transmission resulting in total failure.

If your car is low on ATF, just add more of recommended ATF by simply going through your car’s manual. There might be chances of some leakage that is probably causing the ATF to go low. You might find leaks on seals, transmission lines, loose pans or gaskets.

Visit your professional mechanic and get those leaks fixed!

New transmission fluid is pinkish red and clear. Make sure that the ATF is not dark or has burnt smell. You might need to flush out the fluid if such thing happens.

Clogged filter

Have you ever checked your transmission filter? We often forget this but transmission’s filter is vital to its performance. The basic job of transmission filter is to keep the contaminants out of the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid will quickly reach a point where it is too dirty and the filter is clogged due to contaminants.

It’s easy and inexpensive to replace a car’s transmission filter than whole transmission parts replacement.

Car refusing to go into gear

Are you feeling lack of response from your car while shifting gears? If that’s the case, then there is definitely something wrong with car’s transmission. Transmissions are designed to go into correct gear every time, so if they hesitate to go, time to visit mechanic.

One potential problem that may occur is that the transmission refuses to budge when you depress the clutch pedal and attempt to move the stick shifter. Check out the transmission fluid levels, its viscosity and adjustment of shift cables or clutch linkage.

Noisy Transmission

Are you hearing weird noises in neutral? It could be transmission!

Sometimes, adding or replacing fluid, does the trick. But if the noise persists, that means there is something seriously wrong like mechanical wear that will need replacement of car parts. Worn bearings, reverse idler gear might be common culprits in this case.

Transmission Slipping

In a normally functioning transmission, car stays in gear you apply until you initiate a gear shift. But on a transmission in which gear slips, the car can pop out of gear while driving.

The major culprits might be inefficient fluid, worn gears, defective solenoids or burnt clutch discs. It can be dangerous, so avoid driving if you experience slipping. It’s time to have your car’s transmission examined!

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Illuminating check engine light is no less than a nightmare. While there might be various reasons behind its emergence but don’t forget there are sensors on the transmission that can pick a slightest vibration that you are not able to feel.

There might be some serious issue going on with your car’s transmission. Visit a technician and get your vehicle inspected.

Dragging clutch

Manual transmission vehicle owners could experience dragging clutch problem. A dragging clutch is one that fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when the driver pushes in the clutch pedal.

Driver can’t shift gears because still engaged clutch is still spinning along with the engine. It makes grinding noise with each attempt to shift the gears.

Luckily, this problem is quite inexpensive to handle. Too much slack in the clutch pedal causes this. The linkage between clutch disk and pedal can’t pull the clutch disk away from the flywheel because of slack available.

Whining, Clunking and Humming sounds

Every car is made differently, so there is possibility of hearing different kinds of sounds whenever an issue occurs with it. But in case of car’s transmission you may hear whining, chunking or humming sounds.

If you hear constant whining noise while making numerous stops and accelerations along with slip in the gears as the transmission shifts automatically, it points to low transmission fluid. Without proper level of fluid, the pump pushes air in the transmission that creates such sound and causes slipping of gears. Check for leaks in such case!

While your car’s engine is idling and shifter is park or neutral, gently raise the engine rpm by pushing the accelerator and keeping your foot off the brake pedal. It may be time to replace transmission pump or pump shaft if you notice humming sound.

Place your foot on brake with the engine in neutral and idling. Raise the rpm slightly. While maintaining pressure on brake, put the shift selector in drive. If you hear clunking noise, this could indicate to broken torque converter or mount. You can confirm your suspicion by checking the tightness of UV joints.

If you notice heavy clunking noise while shifting from neutral to reverse and vibration in chassis frame, there might be issue with transmission mount. In such case, call your professional mechanic and replace car transmission parts that are causing trouble.

Car noises are not to be ignored. That can indicate to a problem that you might not be able to notice. Refer to your car’s repair manual for further instructions or for locating the damaged auto parts.

So, bottom line? Well, you can avoid expensive repairs by just keeping up a regular maintenance schedule for your car. And, if you notice something unusual, don’t forget to visit mechanic!

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